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MX2039 Male Lacrosse Xplosion Oval Resin Award

Xplosion LaCrosse Oval Resin Award

$ 21.75
Overall: 7 1/4 x 6 These dramatic 3D plates are full of detail and really come to life! Everyone would
JDS RSS116 Super Star Male Lacrosse Resin Award

Super Star Lacrosse Resin Award

$ 10.75
This resin award stands 6 inches tall. Has great detail and is perfect for the whole team. They will feel
MPI RFH516 Super 3D LaCrosse Resin Award

Super 3D LaCrosse Circular Resin Award

$ 18.50
 This super 3D Bronze Finish Circular Plate Award Stands 7 1/2 inches Tall The 3D effect is amazing as the
Lil Buddy Victory Resin Award

Lil Buddy Victory Cup

$ 12.50
 Overall Height: 4″ These “Lil Buddies” are the perfect team award.  These resin awards are full of detail Sure to
Bobblehead Female Lacrosse Resin Award

Bobblehead Lacrosse Award

$ 8.25
 5 3/4″ tall resin This pewter and gold Bobble Head is the perfect award for all your little players, with