Choice Awards & Apparel prepares the awards for the very big racing event in America named Pinewood derby

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Pinewood Derby Star Resin Award

$ 13.25
This pinewood derby resin award stands 7 inches tall. Amazing detail will make this a keeper for every shelf. Includes a plate

Pinewood Derby Star Trophy

$ 12.25
This awesome Pinewood Derby Trophy stands 8 1/4 inches tall and is on this awesome shaped black base. All engraving
MPI MX534 Motion Xtreme Pinewood Derby Resin Award

Motion Xtreme Pinewood Derby Award

$ 8.25
This resin award stands 5″ Overall This is thee 3D motion xtreme award and  the perfect award at an affordable
Pinewood Derby Gold Resin Trophy On Mahogony finish base RC-448

Pinewood Derby with Mahogany Base Award

$ 9.25
 Pinewood Derby Resin Car on  a Mahogany Finish Base Trophy is perfect for all the participants. Priced as a budget
Pinewood Derby Gold Resin Trophy 50259gs

Pinewood Derby Resin Gold Award

$ 10.25
 This Pinewood Derby Car is an awesome award for the end of a great job, well done! Stands: 6 inches

Pinewood Derby Car on Base

$ 6.25
 Overall Height: 4 inches Pinewood Derby Car on One Hole Marble Base Engraving Plate included