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Star Step Music Resin Award

$ 9.75
These star step music resin awards have amazing detail, great for the every musician and every singer, stand 5 1/4

Star Swirl Music Resin Award

$ 9.75
These star swirl Music resin awards have amazing detail, stand 5 1/4 tall and will impress all who receive this
MPI RF3431SG Music Resin Award

Music Resin Award

$ 33.25
This Music Resin Award stands 8 inches overall. Great Pewter Finish with Mahogany Finish Base. Lots of detail, individually boxed.
MPI RF3311SG Microphone Resin Award

Microphone Resin Award

$ 25.95
  This Microphone Resin Award is 6 1/2 inches overall. Practice being the next “American Idol”. Great Pewter Finish with
Music Note on one hole marble base

Music Note on Base

$ 5.50
Overall Height: 5 inches Music note on one hole marble base Plate of engraving included
MPI RFH531 Super 3D Music Resin Award

Super 3D Music Circular Resin Award

$ 14.50
This super 3D Bronze Finish Circular Plate Award Stands 7 1/2 inches Tall The 3D effect is amazing as the
MPI Sport Star Musin Resin Award

Sport Star Music Award

$ 13.75
This star music resin award is a great, economical award. Stands 6 /14 inches tall overall. Plate of engraving included.
RF2614 Saturn Resin Music Trophy

Saturn Resin Music Trophy

$ 10.50
Saturn Resin Music Trophy is perfect for every student! Affordable and Awesome! Stands 6 inches tall Plate of engraving included
RST615 Running Star Music Medium Award

Running Star Resin Music Award

$ 12.00$ 16.75
These “running star” resin awards are available in 2 sizes. Medium 5 1/2 inches Large 7 1/2 inches The detail
RF2743 Resin Star Music Plate Award large size

Resin Star Music Plate Award

$ 16.95 $ 16.75
Resin star Music plate award are full of detail and make the perfect award. Please select size Medium: 4 1/2
CAT F762 Music Four Star Trophy

Music Four Star Trophy

$ 6.50
 6 1/2″ Tall Trophy This trophy will show your music students they were stars to you!! Reward them all with
MPI MX512 Motion Xtreme Music Resin Award

Motion Xtreme Music Award

$ 8.25
 This is thee 3D motion xtreme award and  the perfect award at an affordable price for all your participants. Plate
Diamond Resin Music Plate Available in 2 sizes

Diamond Music Resin Award

$ 15.00$ 18.00
This Diamond Resin Music Plate Award is great for self standing or wall hanging Available in two sizes Small: 6
Comet Star Burst Music Resin Award

Comet Star Burst Music Award

$ 8.75
 Overall Height: 5 3/4 inches This Comet Series Resin stands almost 6 inches tall and is full of detail A
MPI Color Diamond Music Plate Award

Color Diamond Music Plate Award

$ 9.75
 7 1/2 X 6″ Diamond Resin Plate Looking for something different A great award for all ages! Self Standing or

Galaxy Music Medal

$ 3.50
Galaxy Music Medal Overall: 2 1/4 inches BIG! Full of detail, circled with stars! Everyone will be proud to receive